Our Philosophy

While it might be nice to know that we are an award winning company within the Coldwell Banker system with a tremendous sales force of over 50 agents locally and over 100000 Coldwell Banker sales representatives worldwide—are those the numbers that really matter?

At Coldwell Banker Rhodes & Company, we believe the most meaningful indicator of any real estate company’s performance is customer satisfaction. If the quality of our service ultimately leads to your satisfaction—100% satisfaction—then we will have accomplished what we set out to do. Isn’t that really the only measurement that matters to you, too?

Experience has been a good teacher. Over the years, we’ve developed and refined written standards of service, real estate procedures and practical training programs to assure each customer that our promise to deliver extraordinary service is a promise that can, and will, be kept.

Together, we’ll build on these standards and procedures to create your personalized Coldwell Banker Services Guarantee ™ that reflects your specific wants and needs.

We will live up to these written commitments, or you have the right to cancel your Listing/Buyer’s Agreement. How’s that for service on your terms!

Your complete satisfaction is the singular goal of Coldwell Banker Ultimate Service®.

Our customer satisfaction numbers tell the story.

That’s why when our job is done, we will ask you to complete a Customer Satisfaction Survey telling us how we did and how we can improve. We believe it’s the most critical analysis of service performance in the real estate industry.

We’ve surveyed thousands of customers from coast to coast. Their needs, wishes and expectations have helped us in establishing the high standards of performance we work so hard to provide to every customer—every time. Customer feedback was also an important catalyst in the development of our Value-Added Alliance Programs.

Customers of Coldwell Banker Rhodes & Company have the opportunity to enjoy savings on home and life insurance, health and dental benefits and whenever buying or renting a car.

Plus, our special Home Warranty Program offers comprehensive coverage for appliances, heating and cooling systems and many other components in the home

Customer satisfaction means everything to us.

We can ensure that every member of this unique alliance shares a commitment to customer satisfaction that parallels our own. Ask Chris Rhodes for details.

Coldwell Banker Ultimate Service® is a complete, tangible service program, backed by the best guarantee in the business. It’s a service program that puts you in control of your real estate transaction.

We truly believe that customer satisfaction is the measurement that matters when it comes to assessing the quality of our performance.

If at any time, in any way, our service falls short of our promises, simply call us and we’ll make it right (ask one of our agents for details).

Coldwell Banker Ultimate Service® is your guarantee of complete satisfaction!